Exposed Skin Care Reviews – Is it the BEST ACNE TREATMENT or a WASTE OF MONEY?


best acne treatment At this point, most of us have read many of the Exposed skin care reviews. Is Exposed Skin Care the best acne treatment of today or a complete WASTE OF MONEY? In fact, they were part of the reason why I decided to buy and try the product line — well, that and the fact that I suffer from a fairly significant acne problem.

Acne started in my first few years of high school and has plagued me for years. I hate taking pictures, meeting guys is a nerve wracking experience and makeup just doesn’t do enough.

So like most of you, I’ve tried most of the acne products out there. Most recently I tried the Exposed Skin Care line. And now I know what most of you are wondering: exactly what Exposed acne treatment is like and whether or not it lives up to its claims of being one of the best acne products out there today. READ and DECIDE for yourself.


What I Learned from Exposed Skin Care Reviews

About the Product

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Exposed Skin Care Reviews, it’s a line that has been around for a little over a year. It comes with 9 of what they claim are the best acne products, period.

Money back guaranteeIn fact, Exposed Skin Care promises to clear your skin in 30 days as part of their one-year money-back guarantee. The trouble is, we’ve all heard these promises from “best acne products” before. And often those products don’t work very well. Or, they work for a while and then stop. These false promises really shake your faith in acne products in general.

But that’s not what I found with Exposed. In fact, most of the positive Exposed acne treatment reviews are true. I tried the Ultimate 90-day skin-care kit. I’ve now been using it for well over 90 days. People comment on how clear my skin is now, and I’ve already ordered my second 9-piece kit. It really is one of the best acne treatments on the market.

Below is a list of Exposed Skin Care ingredients that are commonly used.

exposed skin care ingredients

My Experience with Exposed – Best Acne Treatment? YOU DECIDE

And now I’m here to add to the other Exposed Skin Care reviews and give you the skinny on how the product line works. Not every Exposed Skin Care kit comes with all 9 pieces.

There’s a 60-day 5 piece kit and a 60-day 6 piece kit. Plus you have the option to just buy the products one at a time if you’re still skittish about jumping in feet first. So I’ll give you a quick run-down of my experience with the products in my kit and you can make your decision from there.

exposed skincare review

The Facial Cleanser and The Microderm Scrub

Exposed Skin Care Reviews In the morning and evening, I washed my face with the facial cleanser. It is designed to take all of the dirt, oil and bacteria off of your face. But for me, it did much more than that: it balanced my skin out.

Many acne-fighting facial cleansers dried my skin out. First, my dry skin would be shiny making my acne look redder and more noticeable than before. Then my skin would overproduce oil and break out even more than before.

But the facial cleanser returned my skin’s moisture levels to where they are supposed to be. After a week or so of using the product, my skin was soft and supple. The redness and inflammation subsided.

Even if you don’t buy the rest of the line, I highly recommend this face wash. I don’t think I’ll never use another face wash again. exposed skin care scrub

The Exposed line also has a Microderm Scrub. I wasn’t really a fan of this. I’ve never thought scrubs were the best acne treatments. They irritate my face, especially my existing pimples.

Some of the Exposed Skin Care reviews I read, raved about the Microderm Scrub, but I disagree. If you use this at all, I would wait until the other Exposed products clear up your face. Otherwise you may find the scrub uncomfortable.

The Clearing Tonic and the Acne Treatment Serum

exposed clearing tonic These two products are designed to be used together and they are where the real acne treatment begins. The clearing tonic goes on first, right after you wash. While the facial cleanser softens and balances your skin, the Clearing Tonic removes the excess oil and dead skin cells that clog your pores and make you break out.

The best part about the clearing tonic is that you can actually feel it working right after you put it on your face. It’s a cool, fresh feeling that I look forward to every morning.

Next the Acne Treatment Serum goes on. It’s a benzoyl peroxide solution that is designed to kill the acne-causing bacteria on your face. exposed acne treatment serum

I didn’t read about this in the other Exposed Skin Care reviews but to be honest, the Acne Treatment Serum tingles just a little. If you’ve ever used any benzoyl peroxide product on your skin — even from some of the best acne treatments available only at dermatologist offices — then you know that that’s just a part of the experience.

But unlike other serums, the acne treatment serum contains a mix of other ingredients that soothe your skin. So you won’t get any of the irritation or tightness that you find with other products like this.

The Clear Pore Serum

exposed clear pore serum I like to call this stuff my secret weapon. Is it just me or does most acne strike overnight? For so long I dreaded that first morning look in the mirror. It was always right before school or before a date that night. And finding a new pimple or that red, swollen skin that means a big one is coming later could make the rest of the day really terrible.

If you’ve ever had that happen to you, you’ve got to get the clear pore serum. You simply rub it in before you go to bed at night. And then, while you’re sleeping, it fights the bacteria and oil that leads to morning pimples.

I haven’t had a nasty morning surprise since I started using it. And this is another great product that you could really just buy on its own to use with your other regimen.

The Moisture Complex

exposed moisture complex If you’re going to use the Exposed Products, you really need the Moisture Complex. When used together, the products in this line do dry your skin out. It’s kind of a drawback. But honestly, I haven’t used a product that doesn’t dry you skin out at least a little bit.

If you feel dry and tight or you feel like your skin might flake, just put on the moisture complex. It won’t make your skin oily and it will prevent the irritation that could lead to redness and breakouts. And if you use it regularly, it really helps to permanently balance out the moisture level in your skin.

The Probiotic Complex

exposed probiotic complex The best acne fighting systems that I’ve tried all have some sort of supplement that helps balance your skin from the inside out. I’m not 100% sure what the Probiotic Complex does, but my acne is finally gone so I’m not going to stop taking it anytime soon.

The Derm-X Cloth

derma-x-cloth This is probably one of the best acne products in the line. It’s a rough cloth that acts like a scrubbing face wash but gentler. And it actually lifts black and white heads off of your skin as you scrub.

It’s such a great exfoliation tool that my sister stole my first one and I had to order a second.

The Clarifying Mask exposed-clarifying-mask

This is sort of the emergency treatment contingency plan in the product line. You put it on when there’s a flare up. It’s pretty heavy duty stuff. Also, it doesn’t smell great. But if you feel a breakout coming on or you need to battle existing pimples. it’s a great treatment.

Does Exposed Acne Treatment Work?

Does Exposed Skin Care work? There are other positive Exposed Skin Care reviews. My research with this particular product line made me feel confident to recommend it to anyone who has mild to severe acne, especially cystic acne. Below are several video testimonials. You can watch them and decide if this product is right for you.

Exposed Skin Care SCAM or NOT? Honest User Testimonials

There are over 600 real Exposed Skin Care customer reviews on to verify the effectiveness and the trustworthy reputation of Exposed skin treatment.

You can Click Here to view them all.

Pros and Cons Summary

Exposed Pros and Cons

Where to Buy Exposed Skin Care?

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There are many other top products out there similar to Exposed, but I feel that it has the most reasonable price. Anyway, I hope my review helps you to decide if the product is right for you.

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Conclusion on Exposed Skin Care Reviews

If you have any question, you can reach me on my Contact Me Page. I will answer all emails.

You can find many subpar Exposed acne treatment reviews on the internet, and I believe that I covered everything thoroughly in this article. I can personally attest that the positive Exposed Skin Care reviews are 100% valid, and it is one the most reliable acne treatments of today.

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