Clarisonic Mia Reviews – One of the BEST ACNE PRODUCTS for Skin Care or NOT?

Sonic Technology Makes the Best Acne Products Obsolete.  After ten years of pinching, squeezing and popping zits, some unbiased Clarisonic Mia reviews and a co-worker’s recommendation convinced me to give this peanut-shaped scrubber a try.  I am NOT a fan of zits, although I had just about grown used to the fact that I’d have them for the rest of my life, or at least through my twenties.  I’m 33 now, and six months ago I decided to experiment with the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System.  Of course, I was not going to let a few positive testimonies convince me that Clarisonic makes the best acne products.  I decided to search the web for more information.

But before I go any further, let me give you a little background about my own skin condition. Bad acne runs in my family and lasts into adulthood. I could tell that I inherited the gene when my pimples started to develop in the same pattern as my two older brothers.  I have sensitive skin, so most of the cleansers on the market cause an unbearable burning sensation.  Even the best acne products were about as effective as putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound.

My Findings from Clarisonic Mia Reviews 

Let’s get back to Clarisonic.  My first stop was the company’s website.  I went to the Skin Cleansing Systems section and saw an advertisement for the Clarisonic Mia, a rechargeable scrubber that looks like a peanut with a brush on the end.  I also noticed that the $200 price tag I saw posted in some Clarisonic Mia reviews. The price was way too high with or without Clarisonic Mia Coupon.  Finally I found one of the best deals on Clarisonic Mia on, and it was advertised for $119.

The Clarisonic Mia uses sonic technology. It works with the elasticity of your skin to remove dirt and other impurities. The company states that the product is more effective than traditional cleansing methods. These claims left me with two questions—what is sonic technology? And how exactly does it remove more impurities than cleansing with my hands?

What is Sonic Technology

The website says that sonic technology uses a frequency of more than 300 motions per second to remove two times more oil and six times more makeup than traditional cleansers.  I opened a video link to get more info.

The video claimed that the sonic frequency leaves skin smooth, clean and younger-looking. It also said that crow’s feet and fine lines virtually disappear.  Also many acne product reviews have reported similar outcomes.

I was pretty much sold. I was willing to pay a lot more than $119 to cure my acne, and this would be a one-time expense, unlike costly prescription creams and medications.  My skin had started to develop its first signs of aging through sun damage from ten years of avid surfing. The claim that the product helps soften crow’s feet was supported by many of the Clarisonic Mia reviews that I read.  If I could kill two birds with one stone, I would be convinced that this was one of the best acne products on the market.  But before I pulled out the credit card, I wanted to do a little more research.

What is Clarisonic Mia and How to Use it?

Clarisonic sells multiple products that utilize sonic technology. The Mia is the smallest, with one button and one speed. The $119 kit includes:

  • The Clarisonic Mia scrubber
  • A universal battery charger, which is rechargeable for up to 30 minutes of use
  • One brush head
  • 1 ounce of Refreshing Gel Cleanser
  • Instruction manual for you to review Clarisonic Mia

One of the most likable aspects of this device is it produces results with minimal effort. Clarisonic Mia reviews state that it is gentle enough to use twice a day.  Operating the scrubber is simple, but if you’re interested, here are the directions:

  1. Charge the device for 24 hours before the first use.
  2. Wet the skin and apply cleanser to the brush head.
  3. Using a circular motion, gently scrub for ten seconds on each cheek
  4. 20 seconds on the forehead, and 20 seconds on the nose and chin areas.

The entire process takes about one minute.  The Mia is safe for all skin types.  It is recommended for use with non-abrasive cleansers from Exposed Skin Care or ZENMED.  The device is also effective on the neck and other areas of the body.  It is waterproof for use in a shower or bathtub.

Clarisonic Mia Before and After Photo – Best Acne Products that Work?

I looked up some before-and-after pictures. I had seen some impressive ones posted in Clarisonic Mia reviews, and I was curious about how they compared to the pictures on the website. The photos not only showed a reduction in the number of pimples, but there was a noticeable difference in skin texture.  People’s skin looked smoother with less bumps and diminished inflammation.

In two of the photos, a black light was used to demonstrate the product’s effect on oil and makeup residue.  I was naturally skeptical, but if this peanut-shaped scrubber could make my face half as clear as the photos on the website, it would be one of the best acne products around.  Read below to find out if positive Clarisonic Mia reviews were correct or not.

My Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System Review  

The pore-opening power of the Mia helps prepare skin to absorb moisturizers and serums.  According to Clarisonic Mia reviews, just about everyone notices a difference when a cleanser is applied, especially in dry skin patches and blemishes.  The website offers several variations of cleanser, including Acne Clarifying Cleanser, Refining Skin Polish, Opal Anti-Aging Sea Serum and Gentle Hydro Cleanser.  However, I had plenty of face wash in the cabinet, and the kit already came with a 1 ounce bottle of gel cleanser.  So, I was ready to check-out.

Seven days later, my kit arrived. Like the instructions said, I charged the device for 24 hours. It was time to see if all those positive Clarisonic Mia reviews were fact or fiction.

I have to say, it felt a little odd putting something that moves 300 times per second on my face, but it is actually a pretty great massage. However, the first time I used it, I made one huge mistake.  I tried to use my own face wash, but it was way too strong to be left on my face for a whole minute.  I felt like my face was on fire, but that was my own stupidity at work. That same day, I used the gel cleanser that came with the kit and it felt fantastic.

I started noticing significant changes in about two weeks.  My acne had all but disappeared and the inflammation had subsided within the first ten days.  This was truly one of the best acne products that I had tried.  It turned into something that I looked forward to after work.  A face massage that is healthy, quick and virtually free? I was hooked.

thumbs up

I am sold on Clarisonic!

It’s six months later and I’ve never been happier with the condition of my skin.  My face is completely clear and I have fewer visible pores. I still order the gel cleanser because it prevents dry patches and feels great on my skin.  My only change was the addition of a few different brush heads.  My favorite is the one designed for sensitive skin, but I also use the body scrubber for my shoulders and back.

According to some Clarisonic Mia reviews, the Deep Pore brush head is very effective, but I was afraid to try it because of my sensitive skin. If you really want to know why the Mia is one of the best acne products around, it’s worth the $25 investment to buy the right brush head.  So, the million dollar question is:

Is Clarisonic Mia one of the Best Acne Products on the market? HELL YES

User Testimonials on

This gadget is simply Amazing.  There are over 700 positive user testimonial on to verify the effectiveness of Clarisonic Mia.  You can CLICK HERE to view them all.

Where to Buy Clarisonic Mia?

You can buy Clarisonic Mia from  on  They are the most trusted and safest site on skin care product.

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Clarisonic Mia is by far the most innovative and effective cleaning instrument with millions of positive testimonials.  For a perfect acne treatment solution,  I highly recommend either Exposed Skin Care Kit or ZENMED Skin Care as a companion to Clarisonic Mia.

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Final Thoughts on Clarisonic Mia Reviews

The Clarisonic Mia is an excellent product that works for me.  Everyone’s different, and you may have to do some experimenting to find a regimen that works for you, but the Mia is hands-down one of the best acne products on the market.

If you want to know more about effective acne treatment, you can  find me on my Contact Me Page.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my “Clarisonic Mia Reviews – Best Acne Products or Not” Article.

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